Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1.Can they move my piano or safe? -

Only certain movers have the equipment and tools to safely move a piano. To compare movers who are able to move pianos, indicate which type of piano in the drop down menu when searching for movers. The easiest and safest way to move a piano is to have the truck backed up to the porch or deck if possible. This will also save time during your move as your movers will have less distance from the home to truck to carry items.

Q2.What is considered an oversized item? +
Q3.Can I change the date of my job? +
Q4. When will my mover call me? +
Q5. How much notice is needed to book a reservation? +
Q6.What if I need to cancel? +
Q7. How many hours do I need? +
Q8.What is the minimum hours I can book?+
Q1.Where can I find my receipt? -

We will send you a receipt to your email.

Q2.When do I get charged? +
Q3.Do the movers have my credit card information?+
Q4.How can I pay for additional time? +
Q5.How long do refunds take?+
Q6. Why do you need my credit card information? +
Q7.How does the mover get paid?+
Q8.What if I overestimated the time I need?+
Q9.Who will charge my card?+
Q1.What if I need additional time? -

We understand how difficult it is to estimate the correct time for your move. Talk with your mover to find out if they think you will require more or less time, after all they do this for a living. All movers are required to stay AT LEAST 1 hour after the scheduled time is up. Some movers may be able to stay longer depending on their availability. If you need more than 1 hour and the movers are unable to stay longer, we can assist in getting another crew out for at least their required minimum time.

Q2.Can I tip my mover?+
Q3.Do I need to have furniture wrapped?+
Q4. Do I need to take items out of drawers? +
Q5.Can family/friends move things also? +
Q1.What if my helper doesn’t show up? -

Call to find out what is going on. Don’t forget they have a 1 hour window for arrival. If they will not respond contact us and we will find you a replacement. We are serious about No-Show violations. Movers that violate this repeatedly will have their rights revoked from advertising on our site and will owe you a fee.

Q2.Can movers charge hidden fees?+
Q3.What if my mover is running late?+
Q4.How do I file a complaint about a mover?+
Q5.What happens if they break my things? +
Q1.What information is posted with my review?-

Your first name and last initial, including the city and state the move was placed.

Q2.Who can write a review?+
Q3.Can my review be changed?+
Q4.Can my mover respond to my review?+
Q1.Is HireMovers a moving company?-

No, we are an online marketplace that allows customers to be able to find moving labor services where you can compare and book moving labor. Service providers do not work for us and do not supply a truck.

Q2.Are movers on HireMovers employees?+